Thursday, August 4, 2011


Photography project I did in 2007 in which I invited a group of friends to meet me at Kerry Park in Seattle with a digital camera. When everyone arrived I asked each person to take 3 photos of anything within the park boundaries. I gave them 10 minutes to complete this task. Over the next few months I used these photos to create a digital composite for each person using only elements from their photos and the picture of their camera. Each composite incorporated at least one element from every one of their photos. I used Flickr to document the project, dividing it into two sections, one showing the people & their cameras and the other showing the final composites.

While we were all gathered at the park I also asked everyone to participate in an organized simultaneous shot of downtown Seattle. I lined everyone up, shortest to tallest, and we all took a picture of the city simultaneously "On 3." I asked that everyone try to compose their shot so that it included each person in front of them as well as the city in the distance.

I used these photos to create several different art pieces.

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